Need Legal Help? How Technology Can Help You

Whether you’re a small-business owner needing help with a contract or a property owner who wants to draft up a better rental agreement, you know you need a professional on your side to help you do everything right.

Not long ago, legal assistance was only available to you locally. You were stuck with whatever lawyers you could find in your area’s Yellow Pages. Firms that didn’t have a branch within driving distance would be hard to work with.

On top of that, for the past decade or more, lawyers have had the reputation as the slowest to embrace new technologies. Your lawyer would have a flip phone when everyone else was using the latest smartphone.

Doesn’t inspire confidence, does it?

But things are changing in the legal community. These changes mean better services, more options, and cheaper legal help for small-business owners thanks to the legal community embracing certain technologies.

Technology Gives You More Options

You don’t have to search the Yellow Pages or drive around town to find good representation anymore. Now, you can get legal help from someone halfway around the globe.

On vacation and need a lawyer? no problem! You can contact your lawyer from anywhere as long as you can get online.

Not being forced to choose a lawyer with offices near you also means that you can select someone that best fits your specific needs. You’re not stuck with the local option.

Technology Helps Lawyers Provide Better Service

Only a few years ago, contracts had to be drafted from scratch. In fact, law offices are among the few places you can still spot a typewriter or two! Stepping into some offices feel felt like stepping back in time… a few decades.

Not so anymore. Smart legal firms have templates, so you get the documents you need fast and cheaper.

Because of digital filing and encrypted cloud storage, your files and documents are more readily available, but also more secure than ever.

Also, technology advanced lawyers use massive law databases to do research, which helps you get the answers you need much quicker than before.

How Technology Gets You Cheaper Legal Help

Since technology advancements help lawyers save time, they end up saving you both time and money.

And because the modern lawyer can work from anywhere and have clients that live anywhere, they don’t have to depend on high monthly retainers to keep their doors open. Some legal companies today are transitioning to simpler, cheaper subscription plans.

For example, here at My Legal Valet, clients pay a low, monthly subscription, allowing them to have peace of mind that, in the event of a legal need, they’ll have someone experienced and technologically savvy watching their back.

At My Legal Valet, you can get the customized legal help you need all through the internet. Need a contract reviewed or drawn up? We can handle that! Need to provide your tenant with an eviction notice, but don’t know which forms to prepare and file? We have that covered!

Any legal document or situation you need addressed can be handled by the professionals at My Legal Valet. In fact, in your monthly subscription service, you’ll have professionals standing by at all times to offer consults and advice no matter where you are in the world. Don’t panic! Park your legal worries with us.

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