Simple and secure file sharing from anywhere

My Legal Valet uses Google Drive as a means to store all relevant documents for our clients as well as share industry specific forms, guides and templates.

When you first sign up with My Legal Valet, you will receive a link to access your specific folder. We ask that as soon as you access your folder, you add all documentation that would be relevant to your needs. This includes documents such as current leases, employee contracts, maintenance forms, rent tracking and current templates used.

We provide our clients documentation based on their specific industry and subscription purchased. An outline of these forms, guides and templates and other documents can be seen below.

Business Owners/Contractors

  • Employee Application Forms
  • Employee Contracts (creation/review)
  • Employee Screening tools
  • Job Advertisement guides
  • Employee Warnings/Termination Documents and Guides
  • Demand Letters for unpaid bills
  • Demand Letter Follow up
  • Business Organization Tools
  • Legal Forms as necessary
  • Basic Business guides, such as employee hiring and business start up guides

Property Owners

  • Lease Agreement (creation/review)
  • Tenant Application Form
  • Tenant Screening tools
  • Rental Property Advertisement guides
  • Rent Collecting System
  • Rent Collecting guides
  • Legal Notices and Warnings
  • Eviction guides
  • Maintenance Log templates
  • Move-out/Move-in Inspection forms and guides
  • Landlord/Tenant guides, such as tenant move in and maintenance requirements
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