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Access to a registered business agent 365 days/year
New Employee Onboarding Assistance
Job Advertising (limited)
Use of Employee Screening Templates
Employee Contract Reviews
Employee Contract Creation (discounted)
Employee Termination Support
Alternative Dispute Resolution (discounted)

Our Simply Business Plan is an affordable alternative for those looking for a plan that is solely focused on your Employees and Business Contract needs. Your registered business agent, included in your monthly subscription, will be available to support you in all aspects of your business including the creation of attractive job ads and employee termination support. We also assist with avoiding possible high stress situations between yourself and your employees while being available for alternative dispute resolution if situations head in that direction.


$19.99 | 0 – 5 Employees; 2 Job Ads/mo
$29.99 | 6 – 20 Employees; 3 Job Ads/mo
$44.99 | 21 – 50 Employees; 5 Job Ads/mo

Please CONTACT US for pricing if your company exceeds 50 Employees.

Simply Business Additional Services

My Legal Valet’s Simply Business Additional Services are offered on either a per purchase use or monthly basis based on their outlined description. We work closely you to create the best strategy for your business and employees to strive

To purchase an additional service, simply click on the price of the service you would like to purchase.

Once an item is purchased, you will receive a follow up email within 24 hours of purchase to obtain any further information or documentation needed by our team to complete the work purchased. Based on complexity and urgency, turnaround time ranges between 12 – 72 hours.

Items that require you to contact us, will direct you to a contact form for further details needed. Once you have completed that form and it is received, please allow up to 24 hours for a response and further payment instructions.

Employee Contract Review We will review your current employee contract and provide direction.
Employee Contract Creation We will create your employee contract to ensure that it contains all essential points and clauses needed to protect both your company and employees.
Job Advertising We will create your job advertisement to ensure that it contains all necessary information you would like any applicant to be aware of.
Employee Application Form You will be able to use our easily accessible Employee Application Form found online. Whenever a form is completed, a summary of it will be emailed to you.
Use of Employee Screening
You will have access to our Employee Screening Template to use during your interview process.
Included with Subscription
Potential Employee Screening We will use our consistent screening process to help you select the right employee, decreasing your chances of high employee turnover. CONTACT US
Employee reporting and Tax filing We will help in maintaining all records regarding your
employees for tax purposes.
Alternative Dispute Resolution We will assist with high stress situations between your company and employees. Our goal is supporting you and your company avoid legal action or further issues. CONTACT US
Employee Warnings We will create legal yet empathetic employee warnings. $14.99/each