Why Try Mediation?

You try your best to run your small business as smoothly and fairly as possible, but, without warning, a customer is claiming you’ve wronged them and they threaten to sue!

Or maybe a tenant is causing you constant grief over how they are using your property.

Sound familiar? You may think a lawsuit is the only way out of such situations and it’s true that there are times when going to court is the only option. But you don’t have to pull the lawsuit trigger if you don’t have to! There’s a better way.

You may be able to work out your differences through mediation instead. We’re going to look at three reasons why mediation is often a preferable option. But first, what exactly is mediation?

What is Mediation?

Mediation is about cooling things down, dowsing hot tempers with a cold shower of reason and clear communication, and helping everyone see a peaceful way out of the disagreement without involving the legal system.

A neutral third party known as a mediator is chosen to act as a go-between for the two parties. They may sit together in the same room, or the mediator may go back and forth between each side. The goal is to come to a reasonable agreement for both sides.

When both parties are interested in a resolution, mediation can work like a charm.

Here are the three reasons why mediation is often preferable to going to court.

You Have More Control During Mediation

When you take a complaint to court, even if you are sure your case is rock solid, things can change quickly in the court room and not always in the direction you’d like.

When you go to court, you are not at the mercy of the judge and combatting lawyers. There’s a reason why there are so many “courtroom dramas” on television, but not very many “mediation dramas.”

In court, the stakes are high and you can quickly feel out of control of your situation. During mediation, things are often calmer. You have plenty of opportunities to express your views and ask questions. Mediation isn’t about who makes the best case. It’s about how everyone can get along.

Mediation is Quicker

Litigation can drag on for years and years. When your property and business is on the line, you may not be able to afford to put things on pause for that long.

Sometimes, opposing parties can stretch things out as long as possible filing for extensions and appeals, as a tactic to getting their way or at least make you run out of money.

Not so with mediation. Mediation is often done within six months. At times, situations can be resolved in a single session!

Mediation is Cheaper

Because mediation can take less time, that also means it is often much more affordable.

Going to court can be very expensive, even if the case doesn’t drag on and on. On the other hand, mediation doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Often, you can settle matters without having to deal with all the legal filings and the charges that go along with them.

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